Best MicroATX? Lian Li Mini Q PC-V354 MicroATX Case

I am currently in a new build and was curiius to know what you guys think.

ASRock Z68 OR MSI Z68A-GD80
CORSAIR Professional Series HX850
2 x EVGA GeForce GTX 570 HD
CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB 1600
Rosewill THOR V2

Is the Lian Li Mini Q PC-V354 MicroATX Case for a gaming case or can someone give me a few other cases I should look into?
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  1. I like my In Win Dragon Slayer.
  2. Not especially no, I'd say that case is better suited to an HTPC. For gaming I'd look at some lan cases like those here:

    I like the Fractal designs cases very much, but for portable gaming I'd look at any of Thermaltake's lan box cases. Doesn't get much better than Fractal for budget value.
  3. I forgot to mention I am looking for at least 2 x 3.0 USB on the front if possible.
  4. Oh. I don't think you'll find that anywhere. Just grab a bracket.
    for simple and easy, 2 ports, or
    if you want more stuff.
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