Does this motherboard Fit

ok i keep seeing video saying that it fits but when i look at it it says it doesn't

Asus Rampage IV Extreme

will it fit in this case

Corsair Obsidian 800D

This is that video that showing it fits when i dont know why it says it doesnt

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  1. Yes. The asus board will fit. I suggest you test the board out of the case before mounting it inside. Just breadboard it. I use the cardboard box the motherboard comes in. Leave the power supply out and install it after you install the board. This makes it easier for the power supply wires to reach the board.
  2. I think it fits.

    The motherboard is a Eatx motherboard. 12" wide by 10.7" long. It is EATX by virtue of being a bit longer than 9.6" which is ATX standard. It is way short of 13" allowed by EATX.
    That is the same width dimension as a standard ATX motherboard, but it is a bit longer in the direction away from the i/o panel.
    The case supports E-ATX which is not surprising in that it can support long graphics cards in excess of 10.7"

    Not all that said, do you really need such an expensive motherboard?
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