p360 amd laptop processers ... will the phenom2 x6 black work in my my laptop

i have an dell inspiron with a p360processer . what i want to know is will a phenom2 x6 black addition processer work in this michine and if yes will i have to also change the fan and etc. :bounce:
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  1. No and please don't try to, there is not a single similarity between the requirements of these two processors.
  2. you will be wash hand from your current cpu.
  3. not possible they are different socket cpus .
  4. i dont think a there was a laptop x6 if you tried it probably wouldnt fit. upgrading cpus in a laptop is much harder than in a desktop
  5. not only cpu entire laptops harder for upgrading.
  6. desktop cpu's will not fit into laptop motherboards..........
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