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Asus p8z77 v-lk is so much cheaper than

Asus p8z77 v pro

Plus Asus maximus V gene is also more expensive.

If I buy Asus p8z77v-lk instead of V pro or Maximus V gene will it affect my gaming?

1. I don't plan to overclock.

2. I am gonna be using a core i7 3770k processor.

Guys, I am really confused between the p8 series.

Can someone really tell me any significant advantage of getting the Maximus V gene or Asus p8z77v pro

I shall be really thankful : )

If someone explains the deluxe mobo too , i shall be highly obliged : )
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  1. If you aren't going to be overclocking, and don't care about any of the other additional features offered by the more expensive boards, then by all means go with the cheaper option.
  2. The more expensive motherboards will have more features such as sli capability, more 6gb sata ports, better voltage rcontrol for overclocking etc.

    I think there is a newegg side by side comparison facility like this:

    For you and the normal user the cheapest z77 will do the job.

    For gaming, I might suggest you save $100 and use a 3570K instead of a 3770.
    Few games use more than 2-3 cores, making the hyperthreads on the 3770 not very useful.
    Spend it on a better graphics card.
  3. The ASUS P8Z77-V LX motherboard provides great graphics for better computing. It utilizes the Intel® Z77 chipset with several new technologies.
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