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My pastor asked me to get some programs from a tower and put it on his external hard drive.
I found he had 2 hard drives. 232GB each. I moved the files, some were too large to fit n the one hard drive so I changed drives and finished moving the files for the programs onto the second drive, thinking that the programs should work as long as both hard drives are hooked up. Did not work.
I am trying to move these files back onto the tower. Then I would like to COPY them back to a larger hard drive.
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  1. Welcome! Programs can not be moved between drives using copy they have to be installed. Only user files can be moved by copying.
  2. Thats correct you will need the original execution programs with the correct file extensions in order to do this eg...EXE.ZIP. etc.. There are very few programs which will allow manual copying i've only seen this common on accounting packages however.
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