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I5 2400 hard time with simcity 4

My rig isnt really "high end" depends what you mean by it, but its a pretty decent one. my specs are

Intel i5 2400
Gigabyte gtx 560 ti OC'ed
4GB or ram
23'inch Monitor

Im starting to lag a bit my city grows bigger which is normal from what i have read, but to my understanding this is a pretty old game and i should not have any lag at all with my specs so...IS THIS JUST NORMAL? thanks.
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  1. what power supply do you have - sounds like a psu under strain to me ?

    the rest would be fine - what os is it - could be the hard drive running slow too but the rest is good
  2. Do you have the power cables plugged into your 560ti? Hellboy is possibly correct as your psu is not supplying the correct wattage.
  3. That game doesn't recognize new hardware i think.

    I used to play it without lag in a 6600 non gt waaaay back but when i upgraded to a 4650 some years ago (and a dual core cpu), even medium sized cities lagged so bad unless i switched from hardware to software render mode in graphics options, and it still was slower than a pentium 4 with a geforce 6600.
    Using the same 1024x768 resolution of course, because i had that 15 crt for almost a decade..
  4. It's just the game. It will do that no matter what your hardware is. Is did that on my Pentium M, Pentium D and it does that on my Phenom X4.
  5. im on 1920x1080 and i have a hec cougar 750w PSU. I tried turning the shadows off helped a bit, can you explain to me whats the diff between hardware and software option?
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    Software render disables GPU acceleration so all the work is done by the CPU.
    Normally that would make any modern game unplayable but SC4 is old and has mostly 2D graphics on 3D terrain (still not recommended).

    I don't know how sluggish your game may be however, as i recall the problem i had was exclusively from of ati cards, and in a city with 800k+ pop i was getting 0.5 - 5 fps (hardware mode) and ~15 fps software mode.
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