Cooler for AM3+LGA 1155

Hi, I currently have AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition with stock cooler and since I want to overclock I need a new one. Currently it's the noisiest part in my PC.
But I also plan on buying Ivy's bridge i5-3570K OEM (LGA 1155) when it comes out and I would like to take this new cooler with me and sell AMD PC with stock one.

I require a quality cooler that is super quite (since I deal with sound recording on my PC) and will last for some time. But I'm trying to save money and want to spend $50-$55 max.
Since my case is unusual I came here for an advice.

So far I'm thinking Zalman or Scythe.

P.S. I currently ave this mobo and plan to buy med.-prices intel one for 1155 when it comes out (no SLI support really needed)
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  1. Hyper 212 Plus is a very cheap, quiet, but efficient cooler.
  2. Hm, I guess I didn't expect all the coolers are supporting 1155 already. I chose this
    Thermalright HR-02 Macho
    Cooler Dimensions: Length 140mm x Width 102mm x Height 162mm
    Cooler weight: 860 g (excluding fan)
    Heat-pipe: 6mm heat-pipe*6 units
    Cooler Base Material: C1100 Pure Copper with Nickel Plating.
    Fan Dimension: Length 160mm x Width 26.5mm x Height 140mm
    Fan Speed: 900~1300 RPM (PWM)
    Fan noise level: 19-21dBA
    Fan Airflow: 56-73CFM
  3. The coolermaster hyper n520 is also excellent for cooling. It uses the push pull method my i5 2500k never gets over 30c on my wifes rig.
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