Tech-Com 450W PSU for Radeon HD6670

PC Configuration:

AMD Phenom II X2 550
4 GB DDR3 RAM (Transcend)
20" LED Monitor (Dell)

SMPS : Tech-Com 450W (local SMPS)

I'm planning to buy a RADEON HD6670 graphics card... Am on a very tight budget, so not really sure if I can go in for a PSU upgrade too. I just wanna know if this Tech-Com SMPS will suffice for the new g-card. HD6670 is gonna be a one-time thing, it is either 'this' or 'nothing' considering how much of a value-for-money HD6670 seems to be - so can cough up enough bucks to get this g-card.

I was wondering if this Tech-Com SMPS should be upgraded ASAP, would it burn my mobo or something if it gets screwed? If this replacement needs to happen soon for the overall 'welfare' of my system, I might as well get a reliable PSU right now, (don't really want to)... But, I guess I 'might be' able to afford a 400W PSU.

So, please let me know if I'm quite safe with my Tech-Com, or is it a ticking time bomb that might waste my PC anytime... Good to know if it's gonna die someday and takes no one along with it.

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  1. Seasonic and ocz manufacture many brands of power supplies. If you can't find out who made your power supply, or if it's lightweight (under 4 lbs) then I would replace it with an antec, corsair, or ocz before you try any other video card.
  2. For a system running with a single Radeon HD 6670 graphics card a power supply with a combined +12 Volt continuous current rating of 18 Amps or greater is recommended.

    If your Tech-Com 450W power supply's combined +12 Volt continuous current rating is 18 Amps or greater then you shouldn't have a problem.
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