GTX560 Ti problem with COD:WM2 and Black ops.

I recently bought the 560ti and everything was running ok when I installed it so i tried out some games.Every game runs perfectly except MW2 and Black Ops.I played BFBC2 with around 60FPS but when i play MW2 i get like 90FPS also in BO i get around +70FPS.The 90FPS and 70FPS aren't bad but every moment the game stops for a sec and then plays again.I don't know why this happens and also i don't think this is a bottleneck because BFBC2 doesn't stutter and other games which i tried out don't stutter too!Could someone help me with this problem because i really like playing MW2 and BO.

System specs:CPU:q6600 2,4Ghz,RAM:2Gb,GPU:GTX560 Ti,HDD:500Gb
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  1. if it spits and sputters the way you say I would think you don't have enough ram.......... but it sounds strange because the other games play well...
  2. And when i play MW2 and BO the RAM doesn't get even near to it's max.I have like 600Mb of RAM free when i play this games!
  3. well, what can i say. First time when i got my GTX 460 i had issues of bad performance in WoW on DX 9. When i changed to DX 11 in the config, the problem was gone. Now, i havent done only driver updates over time and the problem with DX9 in WoW on my card is gone. Nvidia released new drivers... Blizzard patched more times the game...i dunno witch of this repaired the problem. Try to use the latest drivers from nVidia and all. Another issue: i have 8 GB Ram, the average usage in games like CoD, WoW, Witcher 2 is from 3BG to 3,7 GB / system. So your 2 GB of ram its a bottlenek in my opinion. Maybe the stutter that you are adressing is coming from your HDD and more loading from it.
  4. No if you look in the black ops readme files and forum there is a fix for it. People were asking me why my old 939-x2/4870 runs the game ok and their i5-760/480 is chocking. They were quite upset that i was fragging them with a antique system. After a few kills i messaged them that they looked frozen for a moment which made them easy pickings and it was not fair.

    It seems to run better in winxp for some reason. But messing with the dx versions should do the same thing to fix it too.
    It's not the memory or system power, it's some stupid game glitch.
  5. I fixed it just by changing the texture quality from extra to high and every thing was running smoothly.I don't know why it happend but with my old 8600GT i was getting the same problem,when i turned the texture quality to extra the game crashed!But again with high it wasn't crashing.
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