When i boot up my laptop i get a read error occurred

I have a toshita and when I boot up the laptop it comes up with an error occurred, press cltrl, alt, del to reboot but it comes back to same scr
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  1. hey... insert your os disc and repair it...and check again if it does not work, you have to format your c drive and re-install again
  2. Hi!
    Why on earth do some people always come up so quickly with 'you have to format your C drive'?
    To me it looks as if it could well be a contact issue with the hard disk connection. I'd recommend to power it off, open the disk compartment and reseat the hard drive a couple of times. If that ain't helping, you can still go ahead and lose your data by reformatting...
    In fact you should try the reseating FIRST. Why? Because - if it IS a contact problem with the disk drive, your OS CD or DVD will not even see a system to repair...

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