Where to buy the Silverstone SFX 450 V2 PSU?


I live in France, not so far from German border,
I asked a couple of internet vendor about the version they sold for this silverstone SFX 450 PSU and none of them was able to tell me this is the version 2.0 or not of the PSU.
Do you know where I can buy it online in the 2.0 version and have it delivered to France or Germany?

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  1. Can you provide a link to the PSU? Silverstone don't seem to have a SFX 450W V2 on their site.
  2. Sure here it is, silvertone representative on hardforum mentioned it;


    I would like to absolutely avoid the "strange sound issue" it has by buying the 2.0.
  3. A solution is to buy it from a local store where you can check the revision number yourself. You could wait for a few more months and hope that the old ones have all been sold. Finally, you could specify when you order it that it has to be V2.0. It shouldn't be too difficult since V2.0 is written on the box.
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