This was a previously working computer. I opened it up to dust it out and remove an old hard drive I no longer used. Upon plugging back in, it does nothing when I hit the power button.

I have an ASUS Rampage Formula, Core 2 Quad Q9550, and 600W Thermaltake PSU.

The only lights that come on are on the Clear CMOS button and power and reset buttons built onto the motherboard. They're also rapidly blinking. No fans move. No signs of life other than the previously mentioned lights.

I've done these things to try and fix:
(1) Cleared the CMOS.
(2) Swapped RAM around.
(3) Unplugged and reattached all data and power cables.
(4) Reseated every card.
(5) Checked for bent pins.
(6) Put the old hard drive back in.
(7) Broke the system down outside of the case and tried to start it up with a simple hardware configuration.

All of this has done nothing. I'm thinking it's time for either a new mobo or PSU. Any help would be appreciated. :)
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  1. Check whether the all pins on 24-Pin power connector to motherboard are truly/correctly seated.

    How did you cleaned it by the way? Compressed Air canister?
  2. Power connector is snug and fine, as is the one for the processor.

    Yes, it was compressed air.
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