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I've just purchased a 42" tv that I connected to my gtx 460 with a hdmi cable and a hdmi to dvi adapter.

The problem is that my old 24" monitor is now flickering. Its connected with a vga cable and vga to dvi adapter directly to the GPU. I tried connecting it with both DVI ports on the GPU and it makes no difference. As long the 24" is the only connected monitor- all is well. As soon as its in any sort of dual display configuration its flickering. 42" tv is working flawlessly in all scenarios.

24" does not have anything but the vga port to connect with.

I have windows 7 x64, sp1 with latest nvidia drivers 275.33 (2 VII 11). Its a clean install of windows. My msi gtx 460 also has a mini hdmi port. Not sure if that's relevant.

Any help much appreciated!
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  1. Different timing are required by the graphics card to be able to maintain 2 monitors. You'll need to uninstall your current drivers and reinstall new drivers.
  2. "You'll need to uninstall your current drivers and reinstall new drivers."

    I did that already. no dice...
  3. There was someone else here that had the same issue a couple days ago. He had to uninstall and sweep all remnants of the previous drivers for it to work.
  4. I read something similar somewhere, I did google my problem before posting.

    Unfortunately I have a clean install of win 7 and the only drivers I ever had on this comp are the 275.33. Even so, my TV got here a bit late, so I did have only my vga monitor at first.

    So I uninstall the drivers and followed the advice I found there- connect dvi monitor only, install the drivers, reconect vga monitor= profit. I say unfortunately as I'm still in phase 2=?...

    Thank you for a probable solution. I guess my luck had to run out eventually, as I did get a full hd dirt cheap new 42" that has so good picture it can actually sub my main monitor :)
  5. I believe the reason you are having troubles is because you are attempting to install the drivers with only 1 of the monitors attached and configured. The reason you need to reinstall the drivers, is so that when they are installed, it views both monitors and then knows to change the timings (this is from my personal experience.).
  6. Its definitely worth a shot. I'll give it a go. Thanks!
  7. I did it. Had both monitors connected. Uninstalled previous nvidia drivers, installed new ones with "clean install" checked, and still the vga monitor is flickering...
  8. I'd advise you call tech support for the video card. It may be faulty, but I have a feeling its just not being installed just right. They can be a little finicky with this sort of thing.
  9. thanks for the help bystander. it turns out that when i connect the same monitor setup on my old single core amd with ati 9250 gpu, the same problem is there.

    Also, turns out, my vga only monitor is now flickering regardless of the configuration. It seams I'll have to call tech support for the monitor instead...
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