16gb Ram freezing new build

This is my current build:

Intel i7 3820
16gb (4x4gb) ddr3 1600mhz 8-8-8-24
Intel's RTS2011 liquid cooling kit
Gigabyte gtx560ti
Gigabyte x79 UD3
Corsair CX500

The story so far:

I couldn't instal windows 7 64 on my new build unless there was only 1 stick of ram installed (although i didn't test 2) stick installed, otherwise it would freeze at random spot during install and then reboot automatically.

After I installed windows 7 64 successfully. I tried the 16gb ram again, it would still freeze and restart except at the windows loading screen.

I installed just 2 sticks (8gb) and everything runs fine. i check with the other 2 stick, everything runs fine.

I then changed updated to the F11 bios this gave me some random result from no boot, freeze then restart or restart after about 30min.

Changed to the XMP Ram profile in bios with 16gb ram. Same results

Changed the ram timing to the correct timing found on the sticks and changed the voltage to match 1.50v. Same Results

I have ran 2 passes on memtest with perfect results.

My only thoughts:

Not enough power from the power supply.
More memtes'ts are needed (but doesn't explain why they all work when in just 2 sticks.)
Faults on the ddr3 3 & 4 slots

Any suggestions would be massively appreciated at this point.
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  1. So everyone is as lost as I am? :(
  2. try up the voltage to memory a bit.
  3. is that safe?
  4. and to what?
  5. I'm feeling very f**ked after the lack of responses..however you will be glad to know that for some reason the problem no longer exists. doesn't make sense. but I'm going to roll with it for now. 16gb fully functional. yay!
  6. Okay, first if you can run 2x4GB and not 4x4GB that can be a sign of bad DIMM slots and potentially nothing will fix it short of an RMA of your MOBO.

    Now, before doing that I'd rule-out a ground short. The simplest is to unscrew all of the standoff screws and dangle the MOBO it its case otherwise the best is to breadboard the MOBO outside its case.

    Q - What case?
    Q - Does you case have traditional standoff's (brass posts) or punch outs?
    Q - What RAM Kit? ; Please provide a link.

    Punch out's are notorious for causing this and other problems. Also, below make certain that you properly install the Intel HSF and you didn't get TIM on the MOBO.

    traditional standoff:

    Intel BXRTS2011LC:
    Installation video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqw_XlyLPTg&feature=player_detailpage#t=222s
    Information - http://www.intel.com/support/processors/sb/CS-032893.htm
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