Tablet problem.

I have a really strange problem. Yesterday i bought a Genius PenSketch 9x12 Graphic Tablet. I installed the drivers and everything worked fine. No problem.
Today i turned the PC on and it didn't recognise the Tablet. I used driver sweeper and reinstalled the drivers and still the problem remains.
I don't know what to do anymore. Please Help :(
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  1. Errrrrr...... give it another tablet?????
    Jokes apart. What OS are you using on the PC?
    Any connectivity setting you might have changed in the Tablet?
  2. I use windows 7 64bit and i haven't changed anything. I just turned my PC off and when i turned it on the tablet didn't work.
  3. Try removing all the drivers it installed for the tablet. Reconnect later and see if it's detected correctly.
  4. Already tried it. Sometimes when i plug the tablet in the PC says it doesn't recognise the hardware and sometimes it doesn't react at all... I'm thinking it might be a different kind of problem.. maybe in the usb cable but it doesn't seem to be bent anywhere.
  5. Maybe a defective cable or socket contact. Try a different USB port.
  6. Probably the cable. All my usb ports work perfectly. I guess i'll return the tablet and get a new one but anyways Thx for all the help!
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