Will hyper 212 EVO fit inside HAF 922 with sidefan

Will an CM hyper 212 EVO fit inside HAF 922 a sidefan. It's a AM3 M4a89GTD PRO motherboard.
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  1. yes i think it can
  2. Thank you:)
  3. But when i measured inside the case it didn't looked like there was enough room on the top.:/
  4. I have a haf 912 with a side fan and the hyper 212 fits perfectly inside.
  5. 922 is fairly large case, don't worry, it should fit in it
  6. Fits inside my 932 just fine with the side fan. If it fits inside the 912 as well as someone above said, I don't see why it wouldn't fit inside the 922 :)
  7. Thank you all for your reply's
  8. dont forget to choose the best answer :D
  9. Thank you everyone, I have installed the cooler, with great trouble. but it fit inside with the side fan! the temperatures have dropped 20-25 degrees:D
  10. very nice, good luck!
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