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Hello all,

I recently removed my overclocked i5 760 from my EVGA P55 FTW mobo to install a recently acquired i7 875K. i purchased this chip from a friend (who does not do any overclocking, just games a lot) with another mobo and GPU but I wanted to use the chip on my EVGA instead.

Now, the i5 overclocked to 3.5ghz gave me idle temps of 32-35C, which this computer is housed in an Antec 1200 with a GTX 470 GPU and a Cooler Master V8 cooler.

After the switch, I went into the BIOS and noticed the 875K idling at close to 60C. I thought for sure I placed the CPU cooler on correctly but regardless I removed it, removed and reapplied Arctic Silver 5 and reinstalled the cooler carefully. I changed the dummy overclock so it would put the i7 to stock speeds.

After reinstalling everything, according to the BIOS the idle temps were still 52C. I booted into windows and looked at the digital display on the mobo to check and while booting, temps shot up to 80C until finally settling on 38-44C idle across all 4 cores. I decided to put on a game in windowed mode to check core temp readings and with an average 15% load, temps went to 53-60C across the cores.

Mind you, I've yet to overclock it.

Now, where I am is approaching summer and the ambient temps here are around 32C right now but I thought still that the temps seem a little high considering my overclocked i5 gave me lower temps.

This is my first experience with an i7 of any kind but I assumed that these chips ran cooler than their predecessors (I also have a Q9550 o/c to 3.4 in a HAF 932 and idles at 35C, located in the next room)

Is this normal for this chip or am I missing something? Only since if idle temps are this high on stock speeds, I'm kind of scared to overclock it and for this chip it would be a waste not to.

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  1. apply thermal paste.
  2. pro-gamer said:
    apply thermal paste.

    I already mentioned above that I applied Arctic Silver 5 when I changed the cooler
  3. then nothing to do you have gotten defective component.
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