Can't boot with GPU

I've been using my Nvidia GT220 for quite sometime now.
This morning when I turn it on the screen gives me NO SIGNAL ERROR. I wait then I herd the 7's startup sound then I think its gotta be my graphics cards so I unplug the HDMI cable from the Card then change to the one that use on-board IGP Intel HD 2000. Things shows up !
But when I check in BIOS my main card is PCI-E but nothing I do will get video to go to PCI-E.

Any Ideas ?
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  1. Completely remove power from rear of PSU, and firmly/fully reseat the GPU....(does the GT220 require an external power input? If so, reseat it to with power removed....

    You might also try another HDMI cable....
  2. That doesn't work and no it doesn't require ext. power. And I did try with VGA, DVI and HDMI all of them don't work.
    And When I replace GT220 with GT9400 it also doesn't work. Now i'm suspecting that its the mobo have some problem.
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