Which CPU should I buy?

Hello, just bought a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 AM3+ mb, looking for suggestions on a CPU? Would mostly be used for single and multiplayer gaming.
Thinking of the X4 980....
Also looking for RAM suggestions as well
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  1. For gaming the X4 but you can save some money and go lower in the 9XX series since they pretty much overclock similarly! I would go with 2x4GB 1600MHz.
  2. Thanks for the advice rolli.....so you would stick with an X4 over an x6 1090 or 1100t?
  3. if youre gonna be gaming then yes go with the x4, same with ram get 2x4gb of 1600mhz.
    id say stick with a fairly high end mobo, so you can be guaranteed a new bios supporting piledriver when its time for that
  4. Currently the X6 do not bring anything extra to the table for gaming so a faster X4 for less money will win in comparison.
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