What is the best gaming case currently?

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  1. Well the azza fusion 4000 is amazing and i want that case. Extended full tower that can support xl-atx boards on the bottom for 4 pcie cards and 2 more slots. On the top there is support for a mini-itx board and mini-itx power supply.

    So you can play games and run a server on one tower.
  2. id say the haf x for aircooling, although if you plan to watercool try the xigmatek elysium
  3. Silverstone RV03 imo, i have one and its great all around

  4. Fractal XL.
    Cheaper, good airflow design, supports all large motherboards and GPUs.
  5. Is there not a case that most people beleive is the best for around 150$?
  6. I second the Fractal Design Define XL.
  7. FinneousPJ said:
    I second the Fractal Design Define XL.

    this aswell, it wont cool as well as the haf but it is lovely and quiet
  8. I like the HAF 932. I will be picking that up come xmas time.
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