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Upgrades to an E6600 system

I brought home an older system I gave my niece several years ago because it is not booting all the way to Windows. Everything else looks to be working fine. The computer starts and you can see the bios on the screen but I'm getting a message asking to choose the standard process due to the computer been turned off abruptly or something like that. The system in question is a Gygabyte GA-965P DS3 motherboard, socket 775 with an E6600. The video card is an HD 3870 and two gigs of crucial ddr2 800 memory. It seems to me this older system can still be salvaged. Besides Windows 7 and maybe a raptor hard drive what other updates can be done ? I'm also thinking new video card? Do you guys think this is worth it ?
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    id recommend a small ssd and a large normal hard drive over a velociraptor, video card wise id say about a 5670/6670 level as i doubt your niece is a keen gamer if she has been using this computer for a while
  2. There's probably noting wrong with the hardware, insert the windows disk and try a repair, see what happens, you could have a failing HDD. with regards to upgrades, a cheap socket 775 quad and as much of GPU as you can afford. Welshcake probably has abut the right level of card indicated.
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