Flash 6950 to 6970 question.

How do you know if a card can be flashed to a 6970 or not?

Card I want to flash to 6970: MSI Twin Frozr III HD 6950

Edit: Nevermind i got my answer. Found this as a review by a customer at newegg.com

"The reason for four eggs and the poor luck comment in my title is that this card didn't live up to the hype for me. Apparently, MSI and several other companies are receiving new bins of GPUs which have the disabled shaders laser cut and are therefore unable to be unlocked even with 6950 BIOS mod or 6970 BIOS flash. FYI, flashing to the 6970 BIOS will cause it to not boot. While i did not flash it yet the failed shader mod is the indicator. Support from Afterburner required version 2.2Beta3 to be installed just to unlock voltage controls, and even then the default BIOS maxes clocks at 900MHz core and 1325MHz memory. Apparently the MSI BIOS is slightly different from reference, and not recognized by their own over-clocking utility yet :/"
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  1. The guy from that review did not try the correct method for unlocking that card. You cannot just use a 6970 bios, as it uses a bios a little different. However, a while back, MSI had created a bios especially for that card that can unlock the shaders and remove all OC restrictions, so it can even be Overclocked beyond 6970 speeds from CCC Overdrive.

  2. Oh, he may be right about the laser cut shaders, but even if they are, that method will still leave a functioning card. If the shaders are lasered, then you'll be left with the original count, but you do gain the unlocked clocks at least.
  3. Do you know of a working guide?
  4. The link in my first post has the guide for your card (it's designed for the MSI 6950 tf III PE).
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