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Just curious what your guys/girls experience with msi rma when your product is discontinued. I got my rma approved I had to ship the motherboard my self. according to USPS its been delivered.

My motherboard is a am3 NF980-G65. It's in the 3rd year of its warranty. I doubt they still have my model in stock for rma returns because I think it went discontinued soon after I purchased it . The only board of equal or greater features i found msi makes is the MSI 990FXA-GD80 AM3+ which is also discontinued.

my NF980 has tri-sli
the 990 has at least 3 way sli. but has 4 pci express slots

however the 990 doesn't have a integrated gpu like my NF980 does

ill let you know how my rma went

edit: wrong about the newer 990 being discontinued. still it doesn't have a integrated video card
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  1. I got my motherboard back just now MSI rma says its swapped. The good news is that I didn't have to pay any 3rd year warranty fees. The bad news is that one of the heatsinks are bent. One of the rows is bent inward toward another row and its scratched up. Going to contact MSI rma and let you know what they say. I understand they are not going to have any new replacements for my model, but at least send a refurbished one that doesn't have bent parts on it.
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