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hi.i have ati firegl v7200.and this making artifacts during 3d applications and games.i googled about it.then i found a fix this fix says to kill artifacts open your gpu .clean it and apply new thermal past .i did as it say.before service temprature of gpu 67c at idl and after applying new thermal past it come to 65c at idle in load it goes to 85c but still making artifacts.some says that gpu is how to fix it.or if gpu is damaged so any fix for this problem
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  1. If you've already cleaned it, not much more you can do. Perhaps lower the GPU or memory clocks, but that will make the card slower. Time for a new card.

    Maybe you can bump the voltage up a bit, or a combination of more voltage with a memory and/or gpu downclock.

    You need to find out if its the memory or gpu. Downclock one and leave the other at stock.

    It says its a x1800xt core. Maybe the fan is packing it in and doesn't spin fast enough. Maybe a bigger cooler is not so hard to find if it is close to the x1800xt.

    It might be possible to copy the bios from your v7200 and flash a used x1800xt (i suspect the x1950pro is close) to become the v7200.

    It sounds like a expensive card.
  3. x1800xt and 1950 are nothing alike. Both have 16 pixel pipelines, but the 19xx series has three shaders attached to each pipeline. I'm not sure upping voltage is a good idea if the card is dying.
  4. You have nothing to loose. it might fry it or make it work for a while who knows?
    I would save the bios first before risking the card in case you do find a flashable x1800xt.

    The x1950pro is easier to find, maybe there is a firegl bios online somewhere for the x1950pro. There was a x1950pro based firegl card too.

    I believe ati did something after a certain model to stop people from flashing consumer cards into firegl cards. The x1800xt is pretty old so it might still work with that series.

    If you need the firegl software then its worth it to try and fix it somehow.

    But if not just get a new or used card.

    Its worth it to google some stuff on it first.
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