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I currently have a Phenom x4 II 955 BE fitted on a MSi 790fx GD70. I wanted to grab another 6950 to crossfire on my setup, but i've heard my processor cannot fully utilize the benefits of crossfiring my cards. So my question is, what is the best AM3 processor that will drop into my 790fx GD70? I don't really want to upgrade to another motherboard and processor. So the bulldozer will have to wait another year :) Thank you


Phenom x4 II 955Be @ 3.6GHz
MSI 790FX GD70
xfx 6950 2GB
8GB of ddr 3 @1333MHz
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  1. A Phenom II X6 1100T, but it doesn't perform any better for games than a Phenom II X4 except in the rare occasion the game can use more than 4 threads. If the Phenom II X4 is a bottleneck, the X6 will be too for most games.

    Bulldozer would be a waste of money for gaming, the per core performance is lower than Phenom II so it's not really an upgrade for gaming over Phenom II. If you spend money on a new board/cpu Intel has a huge gaming advantage.
  2. well see, i was looking at the 1100T and i want to crossfire my 6950's. will the 1100T be able to take full advantage of the crossfire?
  3. Your CPU is fine for crossfire. There won't be any significant bottleneck
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