AMD Phenom II X4 955 Replacement ?

hello all ,
i heard AMD will stop shipping this model , which is really sad

and newegg stopped shipping

my question is what is the better replacement 960T zosma or fx-4100

unlocking the zosma to 6 cores isnt really important to me as getting good 4 cores to run everything
smooth and well

and i would love to hear opinions from actual owners .
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  1. definitley the 960t. Its faster than the fx 4100 and can potentially be unlocked to a 6 core processor. getting opinions from actual owners is probably a bad idea, you will get biased opinions rather than facts, unless they own BOTH processors. just read reviews for unbiased, factual game benchmarks. It is widely known that the FX series has abysmal per-core performance, read some reviews.
  2. +1 for zosma, great bang for buck, its a 95w cpu plus unlockable to 6 cores, go get it, better chip than fx for sure
  3. Yup, 960T, plus its the same price as the 955 (enter in the promo code on newegg page)

    But it should overclock as well as the 955 but if you get 2 extra cores, then its a bonus :)

    If you are not overclocking then, the 960t is better than the 955 cause of its smaller power envelope (95w vs 125w)
  4. I have yet to hear one good thing about an fx-4100...
  5. jjtober1 said:
    I have yet to hear one good thing about an fx-4100...

    you will not hear it here. sorry buddy :D
  6. most of the sites that i buy from have now stopped selling the 960T.. AND MY 955 JUST DIED! I either buy a ******* fx4100 or switch to intel...
  7. Im not sure what AMD's move is here. Just to stuff everyone over who has bought a amd3 board. My Phenom II x4 955 has just crapped it self. And i now I also need a replacement.
  8. Well you've seen AMD going all speedy gonzalez with smaller and smaller chips. Let's hope my 955 doesn't die aswell so I'm not forced to buy a FM1 mobo :/.
  9. AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition
    Plus the 955BE is currently listed as out of stock on Newegg
    don't know how that translates to no longer shipping.
  10. Davcon: Dude, that would be the last of amds stock.
  11. buy a cheap athlon 2 and wait till they fix the FX processors would be my choice but the 960t is not a bad deal either provided they keep shipping those.
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