Good PSU and Case

I have been looking for a good power supply that has a good price on it.
I was looking at a 500 watt power supply but was told that i should get a bigger one in case of upgrading, i have taken their advice and looked for a stronger PSU.
Here is the one i am looking at and the one i upgraded from

One i had:

one i think i am upgrading too:

tell me what you think? should i go with the original one and get a new one once i decided to upgrade it i ever decide too, or should i get the bigger one which only about 10 dollars more expensive?

As for a case i want one that has a good amount of fans and cooling systems. Here is the one i have been looking at

if you know a better one please let me know about it
- i want it to have usb 3.0 atleast
- Some expansion bays
- Decent sized
- Good cooling
- Possible leds?

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  1. They are both good so it depends on what you are going to be powering!
  2. I would avoid the Rosewill. Hop on something good quality like the Corsair, Antec, Silverstone, high end Cooler Master or NZXT. Rosewill is going to be noisy, cheap and probably cut your hands.

    How much do you want to spend on a case?
  3. As for the case I'd go with an NZXT (owning a white NZXT H2 myself) or Fractal Design Define R3. Given you want a medium sized case. Both cases are available in white and black, and the Fractal case in even more variations (like titanium grey). Both cases are around 100$ (at newegg), but are worth every cent. :)

    I'd go with an Enermax 82+ or 87+ as a power supply, both are also available as a modular cable management variation (Modu) or with fixed cables (Pro). Stable, efficient and very silent.
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