Shoosing video card..Hope u huys can help me :]

So they suggested me HD 5770 cuz I am on budget.. But I wanted to ask..
SAPPHIRE ATI HD5770 FLEX (128Bit)1GB GDDR5 AVIVO16.. what is the difference with the original one? Is this better, or not.. Or there is no difference? I am going to run the GPU on Motherboard ASRock G31M-S(tell me is it going to fit in, here is a link for it ) and with PSU: Dell: ATX-500W, and with processor Intel C2 Duo 2,93 GHz E7500..
The motherboard, PSU, CPU are going to fit fine with this GPU right? And hope u tell me if there is a difference between the original HD 5770 and the FleX one.. Thanks from know, hope u guys have good answers :)
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  1. The only difference with this card is that you can use three DVI monitors with eyefinity, without having using a Display port monitor ( which are expensive ) Unless you are going to use that feature, I would say that this isn't the card for you. I would perhaps recommend a HD5770 that has a cooler different than the reference model? perhaps an Asus CuCore?
  2. I should ask..
    Why the FleX isnt good for me? And why the Asus is better? And is the Asus one has PhysX/Havoc technology ?
    And, no, I dont think that I will use the feature..Or I dont know u tell me.. I will use the card for gaming with one monitor(I dont know what u mean with 3 DVI m., i am a stupid oe, yes ..) that resolution is 1280x1024 ..
    think I will overclock the GPU, too.. if that's imortant..
  3. eyefinity is where you make 3 monitors into one. This card just makes it easier to do that. The asus Cucore has more overlocking potential, It allows you to overclock the card more than other cards as you can adjust the voltage on the card, also it does not have the reference cooler, meaning that the asus one keeps the card cooler so that you can overlclock it more within safe temperatures.
  4. Thanks for the answer :)
  5. Best answer me please :D
  6. I already tryed to do that btw, but I dont know how to do it, new here :D
    Btw buying the asus cucore hd 5770!
  7. adam_x_brookes said:
    Best answer me please :D

    I guess you didn't notice that this was a discussion thread not a question thread? :pfff:
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