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2500k Very high temperatures?

Hey everyone
Just built a new computer
gigabyte z68-ud3h-b3
i5 2500k
g skill 8gb ddr3 ram
560ti ds
seasonic 620w bronze certified
1tb 7200 rpm seagate hdd
sony optical drive
cm 690 ii advance

Using hw montior to look at temperatures
and intel stock cooler
one 120mm exhaust fan in the back
one 140 mm exhaust fan on top
two 120mm intake fans on side
one 140 mm intake fan in the front
Did not OC anything. Everything is at stock

On idle
Core #0 40c
Core #1 40c
Core #2 40c
Core #3 36c

When I tried to run bf3 they went
Core #0 98c
Core #1 98c
Core #2 98c
Core #3 93c

Can anyone help with this and why are the temperatures going so high???
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    the usual fault is one or 2 of the push pins on the stock cooler havent engaged properly
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