Dead graphic card? No signal

Simple n short...
I just restarted my comp, and no video signal!
Unplugged everything 1 by 1 to determine which hardware causing the problem.

When i remove my geforce 250 and use onboard gfx... Computer works

So it brings me down to a broken graphic card or broken pciE slot.
Working on testing the card on another system.

But what couldve damaged it!? A simple restart causes that!?

Btw: when graphic card installed, theres a clicking sound coming from the mobo small speaker/beeper.... And the graphic cards fan is going fast, slow, fast, slow... Like its trying to start
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  1. You might have a PSU problem, yes I know it works with the onboard but having the 250 installed may require just that bit more power than it can cope with if it's dying? Try also testing your PSU in another PC.
  2. I have a 550w psu, bought new with graphic card 1 year ago.

    Also had cpu, cpu fan, 2gb ram n gfx card powered... Still no go... :(
  3. Oh my god you're an ATI shagger, however after having NVIDIA GPUS and then goiing to ATI 5970, i've never looked back. Ooops! I think i'm converted!
  4. Quote:
    6 pin could be a problem as suggested by KK,
    try ur GPU on another system if it's dead......u get an excuse for an upgrade and bash Nvidia at the same time...... :lol:
    but I wouldn't blame the GPU designer as much as hardware vendor

    I couldnt try my gts250 on another system, but i managed to borrow a geforce8600GT.

    i plugged the geforce 8600 on my system and nothing happens... :(

    mobo goes tick tock, about 6 times and goes onboard VGA...same thing with the gts250

    now it goes down to bad MoBo PCIe or bad PSU....

    i've got a multimeter back at work.... will test the volt of the psu to the gpu...
    but which prongs go to which pins? 6 pin and theres another seperated 2pin black wired connects to gpu aswell... whats that?

    anyways, i've got a strong feeling that the PCIe on the mobo is dead... because the geforce 8600 doesn't need exteranl power input from the PSU...

    ...tick tock....
  5. Wow, can't believe how similar your issue sounds to mine. I have narrowed mine down to either a faulty graphics card or faulty PSU most likely. Or minor chance of an incompatible motherboard BIOS.

    I'm going to replace both the graphics card and the PSU in turn and see what happens.
  6. Wat do u mean final confirmation?
    Anyways, still bums me that a simple restart causes such damage.

    Im bringing my comp to a repair shop, theyve got spares there,
    And their banner says "free checking"
  7. do you think removing everything including the mobo from the chassis, and placing it on a non conductive surface and just pluging the gfx cpu psu will do anything good? or could be a relation to my problem, and a possibility of fixing it?

    or too much hassle for a very very small luck
  8. @greghome
    ... If its my gts250 then why wouldnt a geforce8600 work, it has the same problem... So it couldnt be my gpu...

    If its the psu... The geforce8600 doesnt need 12v power plug from the psu, therefore it should work if the problem actually is the psu...

    Mobo on the otherhand is a possibility, as ive tried a known working geforce8600 on the pcie slot and its not working...

    Anyway, i still dont have the budget to get a new or 2nd hand mobo...
    I miss playing arma2oa. :(
  9. Ok, now i have the cash to buy a new mobo... But im still 99% sure its the mobo...

    If u think it isnt, please tell me, i dont want to be throwing money in the drain... :(

    Or if theres another test i can do to be sure, pls do telll...

    Thank you... Buying mobo 20hrs later after this post
  10. "solved"

    to end this topic. i bought a am2 mobo. all worked well.
    i found out my parts are facedout. oh well. at least i get to get games running well. thats enough for me. thx for helping guys
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