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Low Resources?

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December 10, 2000 4:21:31 AM

I have an AMD athlon 800 MHZ with 256 MB PC133 Ram, 36 gig HD ata 66, voodoo 3 3500, thats all that shoudl have to do with speed....anyways, i used to have 128 MB, and just added another 128 simm because i was running low on resources while using my system with lots of programs running, which is to be suspected. but unfortunatly with more ram in my system, I'm not experiencing any difference. For instance, when i have winamp, aim, and a few browser/chat windows open, i've got 50% free resources. THis is no real improvement over the 128 MB. WHat else can I do to make my system perform better? I don't notice the extra 128 MB making any difference whatsoever. PLEASE HELP!

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December 10, 2000 7:37:17 PM

check your virtual memory settings. it seems like windows likes to use VM over physical memory, doesn't it?

-MP Jesse
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December 10, 2000 10:16:18 PM

Had this on my system running with 128 meg of ram under win98se , I found a usefull registry hack on It forces windows to remove dll's from memory which has helped on my system.

here it is

Open your registry and find the key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer].

Create a new sub-key named 'AlwaysUnloadDll' and set the default value to equal '1' to disable Windows holding the DLL in memory.

reboot the computer and give it a go

Take it easy

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a b } Memory
December 11, 2000 1:11:42 AM

It might be GDI resources.

I would upgrade to win2k if you are going to be running so many programs at once.

Learning has begun.
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December 11, 2000 11:29:20 AM

Are your vcache settings optimized? If not, download 'cacheman' from I've been using this freeware program for more than 2 years. You can tell a big improvement in speed on a system running it.

Remember, winblows loves to bloat it's disk cache when you add more memory. When you upgrade to 256mb of ram, I would expect the disk cache would balloon to 150+mb after an hour or so of using windows. This program limits the size of your caches to hold what you access most often. This leaves more free physical memory to run programs.