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  1. solomonshv said:
    I'm getting rid of my Dual HD 6950's. they can't handle Crysis 2 on max settings with DX11 and enhanced shaders, even though they sound like jet planes.

    They freaking suck. FPS count is high but the games looks like crap. 3x BSOD when running starcraft2, probably the LEAST demanding current PC game there is. AMD driver always the cause. RMA didn't help. A pair of GTX 470's make Unigine 'Heaven' then these things do. They have a slightly lower average FPS count, but much higher minimum FPS count, by about 50%.

    All settings in catalyst 11.8 are default, minus the enabled crossfire.

    I feel like a jackass. I sold my GTX 570 to get 2x HD 6950's with more VRAM and unlock ability. Nither of which helped. Should have went for another GTX 570...

    On the other hand, a pair of GTX 580's can be had for less then $800 now, thanks to rebates and discover card's cashback, plus 2 free copies of batman.

    EDIT: Yep, still run like ***. Even at 50+ FPS the thing looks like it is running at 15 FPS. As you can see from the second screen shot, I even tried unlocking the shaders on these HD 6950s, overclocking them, adjusting the voltage to HD 6970 level and bumping the power control settings by 20%. I give up.

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