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Hello, I have an Alienware M17 laptop with two Radeon HD 3870 in Crossfire, and it seems that with the newest drivers, when loading a game for the 3rd or 4th time the screen turns black, and the only resort is Forced Power off.

I am running Windows 7 32bit, reverted to Catalyst 10.8 as it seems it's the latest version without this issue.

Anything above 10.8 just turns my screen black after starting ANY game for the 3rd time at least.

I've been searching for a solution, but I haven't found anything, there are hardly any topics on this problem. I really want to upgrade to the newest drivers, as some games reportedly work better. Is there something I can do?
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  1. Anyone?
  2. Does ATI state somewhere they've dropped support on the RHD 3xxx series? Because if they didn't all their drivers SHOULD work
  3. I tried installing non-mobility drivers before, they simply won't install. They're not compatible with the GPU
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