People with UD3H & UD5H please Help me SYS_FAN3 its always at 1467RPM

So i just bought an extra FAN for my Hyper evo cooler.

its a 3 pin, I connected that to Sys_fan_3 ... and it works fine ..but the problem its that is at a constant 1461 RPM

while the cpu fan is 670rpm and rises as cpu temp goes up ..

i went into bios PC health status > 1st/2nd/3rd system fan control > manual > i changed to different voltage but my fan still at 1461 rpm
i even disable it, set to normal .. nothing happened .. still running at 1467 rpm

i even use easy tune to slow it down, but doesnt matter what speed i set it to and save .. it doesnt do anything

is there any other way to slow it down?

or even better set it to the same auto as the CPU fan? low rpm when temp is low and higher rpm as cpu temp goes up?


P.S : whats better in a push/pull system, High speed push / low speed pull? - low speed push / high speed pull?
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  1. Smart fan control requires 4-pins fan.
  2. darn it .. anyway i can make it work with 3?

    ok, so I installed my 3 pin fan to SYS_FAN1 ....and rpm dropped

    but there is still a problem ... when i set it to normal (auto) ... it runs at 1000ish rpm
    doesnt matter if im idling or running intelburn test ... it stays 1000rpm

    however .. i goes up and down if i set it to manual and play with the voltage

    any idea to make it work in normal .. same as the CPU fan?
  3. I'd check the handbook. I'm sure that only monitoring and not speed control is available on all headers -or so it seems. Maybe it's correct that you need 4 pin fans. I disconnected a couple of fans and routed them to the manual speed controller on my case to stop them screaming.... Problem solved!

    I'm running a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5 TH, so should be much the same setup.

    Cheers, Captain Kayos
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