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I am about to buy a computer that only has a 2.2 CPU (i7) it can then boost up to 3.2. if i were to play a game that needed lets say 2.8 would i be able to play it?
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  1. Well theoretically no. Now you could over clock the i7 to that easily. I currently run mine at 3.8. Most of the turbo boost only works when only 1 processor is running and not over heating to get you the highest turbo boost speed.
  2. What is over clocking?
  3. Games are generally gpu limited, this is a laptop so I definitely know you will be limited by the gpu. Plenty of old cpus with much less power are still able to max modern games with a capable gpu.

    And since this is a laptop you can forget about overclocking. It is raising the speed over the stock clock.
  4. Don't just look at clock speed. A P4 at 2.8 is many times slower than an i7 at 2.2. What is the game you are trying to play?
  5. Dead island. (looks fun)
  6. Can I get full specs? If you give a budget I may even help find a better deal. For gaming the main component is the graphics card. The better the game graphics, the better the graphics card you need.
  7. 2 gigs of nifidea graphics sorry cant get better specks until i go back to the shop
  8. on search bar, search for system information and under component>display, it should contains information of your gpu
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