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i re-installed my alienware m17x-r2 ....till then my ATI radeon HD 5870 was working properly....i flashed the latest bios before installing....after i finished installing i could not find the card in the device manager only the standard vga card is displayed....i tried to install the drivers but the card was not i tried some expert help and tried flashing the latest vbios in did not accept....i tried to look for the graphics option in bios ...there is no such option...anyone have an idea to sort this problem as dell has stupid customer support service
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  1. Hi
    First of all, we regret any inconvenience caused from our tech support and sorry to know you have issues with your system.

    As for your issue, you can join the Alienware Forum at the following link:

    Subsequently, you would need to post your system model and the concern over there and our moderator will take it up further.

    In case you have any concerns with that you can reach out to us at @dellcares on twitter or, we will be glad to help.

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