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Ok, My brother's desktop will not connect to the internet. Its Directly connected to the modem. His Xbox live works perfect. I went to his house, did EVERYTHING i could and I finally figured it out. After I left, it stopped working. I live 3 hours away also. Now, his Network adaptor is hidden in his device manager, we cant uninstall it or rollback drivers. Also, a PCI card didnt work either. I did get his internet to work for 2 days. We have been trying everything I tell him to do over the phone. NOTHING works. He has No LAN or connections at all in his Network connection and it wont let him set one up. Can ANYONE please help us with this. Its bugging the crap out of me. Thanks so much guys
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  1. have you tried to delete the network card in the Device Manager when booted in to Save Mode?
  2. How do I delete them? Its only lets us uninstall them and it wont let us because it says unable due to device used for booting
  3. Did you boot into Save Mode? NOT Save Mode with Network.

    Okay. yes, uninstall it.
  4. right after I deleted the adaptors in the registry, I told him to sfc/scannow to repair them. If that doesnt work, I will have him uninstall them in safe mode. I think he went into networking and it wouldnt let him. he disabled them and then when he enabled them again, his computer freaked and restarted. whats the deal with that? Corrupt drivers maybe?
  5. After uninstalling them, just have him reboot and Windows should detect the NIC during boot up
  6. failed to uninstall the device. The device may be required to boot up the computer. It wont let him uninstall. NOTHING WORKS AT ALL. There is NO ICON in the network connections either. He cant even obtain one. I just made him do IPCONFIG/RENEW and more and it still wont work. I have exhausted my database of knowledge on what to do and I AM STUCK. someone please I am so
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