Can i upgrade to a unsuported CPU?

Hello! I have a 775v88+ MOBO & I currently running a pentium 4 @ 3,06
I want to upgrade to a core 2 duo or pentium Dual core but...
here it saiz that it wont support it.
but i dont belive it. I think that list is outdated. Is there any chance that I cand upgrade?& if the answer is no... why?! i mean.... there are core2 duo on 775 socket. it fits!
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  1. This site agrees

    Core 2 Duo's may be LGA 775, but that particular board doesn't support them. It's a BIOS (and possibly chipset) related thing. It doesn't have anything to do with the socket. Nothing you can do about it, unfortunately.

    Feel free to try it if you wish, but I promise you it won't work.
  2. Don't waste your time, if its not listed your chances of it functioning are about as high as getting hit by lighting, while jumping on a leprechaun, whose having sex with big foot, and all while swimming in a pot of gold, at the end of a rainbow made out of chocolate, in the land of ponies.
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