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Which graphic card is best for 1900x1200 res gaming

i suggest nvidia but ati is also ok
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  1. What are your full system specs?(CPU,RAM,etc.)

    I'd say a 6950 would probably be best if you want to max things out but we need to know some other info about your computer first.
  2. i5 2500k,asus p8h67 pro,corsair 4gb ddr3 1333mhz,corsair 550w psu
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    you made a huge mistake going with the p8h67 motherboard and the i5-2500K. you bought a processor that can be overclocked and a motherboard that doesnt support it.

    but back to the OP, i would suggest the AMD 6950 2GB card. the 2GB will really help at that resolution, especially if you use Anti-Aliasing
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