I want to upgrade my dell insprion 531

i built a computer a while ago and got some spare parts from a foxconn motherboard and AMD x2 rigor 430 cpu that ive only used for like 3 months. i want to put them in my old dell insprion 531. it has an intel cpu and motherboard. the coputer has a 300psu would that run the foxconn motherboard no problem. the harddrive should work without me having to replace anything. will i have any problems?
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  1. start by opening the cases and seeing if its even possible to instal your ATX motherboard

    That 300 watt psu will work , but not if you have a powerful graphics card as well
  2. OUtlander is correct your biggest concern is if the form factor of your motherboard will fit. you might have to manually adjust you front panel switches as not all branded computer chassis leave them loose we can help you with that if you post pictures however.
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