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Hi, i haven't found any issues posted by anybody and i have to ask, does anyone had issues with this version of catalyst? I have blurry text in Firefox 5 and in crysis, where the menu is, also the lines have problems. On toms forums the lines that separate each topic are not the same thickness. I am trying to identify the problem before i start uninstalling/reinstalling anything.

And i know that ff5 has hardware acceleration, fraps never showed fps in ff until now if i remember right.
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  1. I never even bothered updating to 11.6, due to all the problems. Every single thread that even has a mention of 11.6, there are recommendations to roll back to 11.4 or 11.5, which I'm using with absolutely no problems.

    It's worth a try rolling back the drivers before trying anything else.
  2. The image is not that blurry..i don't know why it saved so small but the lines variation in thickness is visible.

    I'm on a fresh OS install. That's why i installed the latest drivers.
  3. Strange you should mention that. I upgraded to 11.6 about a week ago and have noticed slightly blurry text in Crysis 2. However if you leave the game for around a second it re-focuses. It's not really causing me any problems.
  4. Wasn't like this at first. Probably some conflict with another program. I will reinstall the driver and software(catalyst) again and see if the problem persists.
  5. 11.6 works flawlessly for me, havn't encountered a single issue. I dont use firefox though, never liked it, doesnt display certain web pages properly. Blurry text can be caused by their morphological AA option. make sure you have it turned off.
  6. Thank you very much. You just saved me the trouble of reinstalling. I had that turned on.
    Now Firefox is back to normal. Will check the game tomorrow.
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