Connecting to mac server from windows....?

From windows vista buisness edition.......Would I have to connect to the server using software or is it possible to connect through windows, please help! :o

Specs(though I don't think this matters)
gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3
16gb corsair xms3
gt 420
700w rocketfish psu
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  1. depending one what protocol its running it could be as easy as mapping a drive to it.

    Likely its running OSX so you will need to turn on windows & personal file sharing on the server and enable SMB/CIFS. While on the sever create an account for the pc guy.

    Once this is done the PC should be able to see the mac on the intranet provided the server and the pc are in the same workgroup.
  2. If there is file sharing it is possible to connect via windows, but if you want to connect like a domain controller you will need a mac or software
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