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I'm thinking about buying another 5770 to crossfire it with the one i have now. I'm wondering if my cpu would bottleneck the setup though.

I'm running a 2500k @ stock speeds (as of right now, won't be for long)
It handles my current one pretty well able to play bc2 at 60fps on max settings.


thats the card i have now and i plan on buying another off ebay if it won't bottleneck it.
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  1. It won't bottleneck it at all, even at stock speeds :).
  2. Not in anyway, do not look on ebay for a 5770 people seem pretty out of touch with the value of the 5770
  3. a 2500K is capable of handling a lot more than that. a 6970 or more.

    If u r not fixed on what ur going to do invest in a better video card like a 6850 or better.

    But what is ur resolution tho?? We need to know the resolution to make better recommendations.

    By the way if u r planning to get another new 5770 anyway its better to get the newer 6770 priced almost similar and it goes well with ur old card. And it adds newer tech. They are perfectly compatible with each other just in case u r wondering.

    Good Luck.
  4. my res is 1280 x 720.

    Would the 6850 handle better fps then two 5770's? as i don't really plan on upgrading again for two years or so.
  5. omg! are you serious 1280X720 ?. I would say that you don't even need another card. LOL only If you were going for a higher resolution.
  6. Well i'm trying to future proof my rig a little and yes i do, i'm looking for more fps.
  7. 5770 crossfire is a good upgrade do it then upgrade the monitor or vice versa
  8. well if u are planning to upgrade ur monitor too the 6950 2GB will compliment ur 2500K well. For resolutions over 1920 X 1080.

    At ur current resolution dont bother for anything more than single 5770.
    Do u have problems gaming as it is? Low FPS?
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