Pentium D 805 and GT220 bottleneck??

I will play games at 1024x768 with 2gb ram... is it ok

My games are warrock, flyff, dragonest?
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  1. Yes the 220 is relatively close to a 9500GT in performance.
  2. Pentium D is obsolete, even with older GPU's, its still a bottleneck.
  3. if you have the money to upgrade do it, the difference will be very noticeable and should definitely be done. post your available budget and full specs and ill try to help, if not dont worry. the games will just run at lower settings
  4. I tend to think a 220 would be a decent match for a D805. esp if you can overclock the Pentium. I ran an ati HD3850 on mine for well over a year and thats more powerful than the 9500gt but I was overclocked to 3.6
  5. +1^ agreed!
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