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cooler master recently came out with 2 new heat sinks, the hyper 412 and hyper 612. the 412 is cooler master store exclusive and the 612 is currently on newegg without a single review.

i know that the hyper 212 has the best cooling to cash ratio on the market, but should i be one of the few to pick up one of these new items?

the 412 has wider gaps between fins but is slightly wider, and the 612 has 6 heat pipes instead of the 212s 4 and also has wider gaps like the 412. the 612s over all width is 5cm wider than the 212 and 3cm wider than the 412.

im also looking into the v6 for aesthetic purposes, the only bad reviews are it being too big or it sliding and neither will be a problem for me.

in my mind ill either go with the v6 or the 612.

my current heat sink is a zalman, and its not cutting the cake with bf3 temps of near 70c, i originally was going to get a hyper 212 but both amazon and newegg ran out of them at the same time. i looked into corsair and antec water cooling solutions but the reviews seem like they are a gamble, especially with corsair. cpu is i5-2500k if anyone wanted to know, but dont decide on a cooler simply for my processor as a 212 will do just fine.

guess the point of all this typing is should i go cheap and get a 212, or spend a bit more, be one of the first to review a new item and get 412, 612, or be fashionable with a v6
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  1. the hyper 212 is hard to beat but since you're already hosting a zalman I would go with the v6. its the same size and price as the 612 but comes with the second fan whereas the 612 you need to purchase the 2nd one yourself..
  2. Xigmatek and Scythe produce some good, and cheap HSF as well. The thermaltake FRIO is supposed to be good also. You can't go wrong with Noctua or Thermalright, but you'll spend money for them. Personally, the v6 is garish and has way too much plastic. Reminds me of a cheap car like a Cavalier, versus something like a Ferarri or Lamborghini.

    My suggestion is focus on the tower, versus the fans. You can always replace the fans for higher static pressure or more air flow, but the tower is where your heat dissipation is.
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