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:( I bought a new ATI Radeon HD5450 1GB DDR3 PCI-Express Graphics card few days back. I didn't install it right e.i.- It wasn't totally in its slot but slightly out. I didn't uninstall the integrated vga driver. BUT the card still worked for 1 day. I played Splinter Cell Conviction with no lag at all which is something that never happens with the integrated card. I turned the pc off and on several times too. Then there was a power failure in our area and I don't have a stabilizer or a UPS (new pc didn't buy it yet). When the power was back on I gave the PC to boot which it did no problem then while the starting windows screen was up a slight beam like light went across the screen like a glitch and the monitor stops showing display. When i start in safe mode everything works fine. I can go to device manager and see my card is working fine. But everytime I start the PC normally this problem happen. I can hear softwares running while the display is out. With safe mode i tried uninstalling the driver and the display worked again. I redid the whole process of installing the card correctly (uninstalling and disabling onboard vga, correcting placing the card in the slot) BUT THE SAME PROBLEM HAPPENS. NO DISPLAY BUT PC RUNNING. Uninstalling the driver fixes the problem as usual. I need help :??: i bought this pc just for playing games and thats not something i can do with the onboard graphics. I NEED TO GET THIS VGA CARD TO WORK :(

PC details-
Intel G41M Combo motherboard Pentium Dual-core 3.00 Ghz
2 Gb RAM
500 HDD

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  1. Btw I'm running Windows 7 :)
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