[Solved] GPU fan problems

Hi guys,

I recently bought a used eah4870 Dark knight 1gb card (http://www.asus.com/Graphics_Cards/AMD_Series/EAH4870_DKHTDI1GD5/) from an ebay seller for ~$100. When I got the package everything was in perfect condition, it actually looked like it hadn't been used before. When I plugged the card in it worked (with some difficulty, It took me awhile to figure out that the card needed two external power supplies). Now the problem was that although it was working efficiently and was running games at a smooth 50-60fps (surprised by this performing so well, the card was never overclocked) the card didn't have it's proper catalyst drivers, when you either go to control panel or right click the desktop you would be given the option to open either Nvidia's control panel or Ati's catalyst control centre. I didn't get catalyst, I got some generic manger left from my last chipset.

It had no 3d settings. So what I was told to do to solve this problem was to remove the drivers. In the attempt of doing so, I accidently removed the wrong drivers, the drivers needed for my card to work. So I foolishly set the computer to safe mode so I could remove the right ones and install the proper drivers from my CD that I had purchased with the card. When the computer was turned on, it could not get to the login screen without over heating to 140 degrees Celsius (The threshold of allot of card.) So I proceeded to remove the card from my computer and try the chipset.

Alas something else was rebooting the computer before it reached the log-in screen, and at times when it did reach that screen it gave me an error message when I attempted to enter my password. It said something about missing some log-in info or something I don't remember and evidently re-booted itself. So I was told to re-install windows to fix all of this mess. I proceeded to do so and I sucessfully installed the drivers and updated to the latest catalyst (woohoo). Everything was back to normal, or was it?

My problem today and what I'm asking you guys is, the fan works, although not all the time. At the PC's start-up, the fan DOESN'T spin I have to manually push the fans quickly to get it working. You can see at startup that all it does is twitch every few seconds. And when I do get it spinning, it randomly stops working and random times thus overheating my computer, and this is quite annoying. I now presently monitor my gpu's temperature with MSI Afterburner.

This problem guys is especially annoying when your in-game and you forget to turn on MSI monitor (which becomes a hassle to do so all the time). I wanna ask you guys this, what could be happening and what can I do to solve this?


Thanks for reading my long message,
Mr. Outlaw
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  1. Sounds to me like the bearing on the fan is caked up with crap preventing it from spinning freely. If you keep using the card as is it'll burnout ( literary ). There are a number of options, the cheapest but not the easiest would be to take it apart and clean it, or try and find a replacement fan and then there is buying a 3rd party heat-sink fan for it.
    Edit; Just do a Google search for: how to clean gpu fan bearing
  2. Thanks for your fast response, I took your advice and pulled apart the fan and it's shield and was surprised at how much dust it had accumulated. It was like a thick coat, the pipes are designed to suck up fresh air cooling it but it's also prone to collecting a house full of dust. LOL. Anyway's thank you very much. It's fixed and running at a cool 45oC.
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