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Pentium D vs Core2Duo

Okay just a quick question If I got an e6300-which is a Core2Duo at 1.86 GHZ with a 1066FSB would it be Faster than a Pentium D 3.2GHZ-with an 800FSB(which is 65n) I know that I would be able to OC the e6300 a fair amount. at least 2.5-2.7 so just trying to figure out if its worth it and will i see a big difference.

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  1. if it were 2.5 vs 3.2 i'd say the c2d, 1.86 vs 3.2 probably the pentium, but it'll be hotter and hungrier. OC, and you could get the c2d to win, but it'd be tight. My opinion, I doubt it has been tested. Make sure the board is new enough to take c2d's.
  2. Yeah my board will take the c2d, I have the cooling and the power for a large OC. so pretty much if I can get it to 2.5 it would be better then the pentiumD? I mean the differences in the technology was pretty big( I think) and the differences between the FSB's. Only problem I'm seeing is that is a 7x multiplier on the e6300 so its going to take a big jump to OC it to 2.5-2.8
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    Core 2 Duo was so much faster than Pentium Dual cores, even at stock speed you would notice a difference.

    Upgrade to the C2D and overclock for some nice speedups.
  4. Well found, a little less tight than I thought it would be.
  5. Yes, ANY C2D, even the 1GHz ones, CRUSH Pentium D's head to head.
  6. looking at that link the ratio is about 1.5 = 3.2
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  8. Alright im gonna hit the PC store later today and grab up that e6300! getting it for a steal of a deal at 38.00 us.
  9. one more ? though. Do you think with just replacing the Chip an OS reinstall is needed? running Vista 64bit sp2.
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