Computer restarts itself.


I have asus P7H55-v and core i5 661 cpu..
i'm having a problem since couple of days that my computer gets restarts itself. on 1st time it restart after 5min then in seconds and then no display for atleast 10mins.. i have checked the temperatures but they are normal as well around 48 degree centigrade for cpu and 38 degree centigrade for MB.
it restarts while im in the BIOS setup aswell.
and after sometimes it didn't give a display.
i have changed my ram, PSU but the problem is still there. i dont have any gfx card installed.. i also checked it by disconecting everything from the MB aswell.
I want to know whether my cpu is faulty or the MB..
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  1. It restarts while in bios setup, sounds like an extremely serious problem to me, that's about as basic operation as you can get. I recommend you try replacing the psu first.
  2. i replaced the psu from cooler master gx 550 to cooler master extreme power plus 500 watt. but the problem still exist.. i replaced new ram aswell.. and yes i was checking my computer temperature in the bios, the temperature was at 45 degree centigrade and the system restarts itself.. i can't figure out that its the MB or the CPU :(
  3. What is your cpu temperature? It restart before boot to windows or after windows boot?
  4. my cpu temperature is at 44 to 48 degree centigrade..
    i have just put a single ram of 2gb in the slots now.
    now its working. but its taking time before it gets to windows boot screen. more clearly is that its taking time to get into bios setup..
    so are the rams faulty ?
  5. Seems like it is. Check with memtest software to sure about faulty ram.
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