Ppl i have done some research on water cooling and corsair clearly looks like the better option , but i cant afford the H100 so i took a look at the H80 which is a little expensive but very good but the H70 is much cheaper and the Antec Kuhler H2O 920 is the same price as the H80.

So which would be your Choice the corsair H70 , H80 or the Antec Kuhler H2O 920 ? any and all help would be appriciated
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  1. Take a look at this:,3084.html

    H80 gives good cooling and is prices lesser than H100.
  2. Yeah but its much more than the H70 like +- $15 and i would like to know is it worth it
  3. H80 will cool around 3-4 degrees more than H70 and has improved fans. H80 should be worth it.
  4. And the Antec options ? not worth it at all ?
  5. And the on to another question , will the H80 fir into an Antec Lanboy ?
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